Some of you may know and some of you may not know but I am currently undertaking a degree in Outdoor Education at LJMU. The head of our course has set up a new lecture series in Liverpool which cover a wide variety of topics within outdoor education. I went to the inaugural one of these on Friday night and thought I would let you know what I thought. 
Here is a fabulous pre-lecture shot of the theatre we were in, which was very impressive! Heck I'm pretty impressed with the  photo given it came from my phone which is rather aged, but it serves me well. 
The lecture was by Kate Rwales who lectures at the University of Cumbria and was based on her journey from El Paso to Anchorage. It's a pretty epic journey and was highly inspiring. The aim of her journey was to look at climate change and how the people of America see this. It was an amazing story and I would highly recommend that you go and have a look at her work. 

So to everyone who lives or works in or near Liverpool come along! If you want to come to the next lecture you can sign up here, its free and there is a prize draw at the end of the night for some kit from Cotswold Outdoor!

Have you ever gone on an adventure journey?
I have trekked to Everest Base Camp in 2010 which was pretty impressive for me! 

Have you ever seen any lectures like this and what were they about?
I recently saw on Shut Up and Run here 10 things you need to know to be her friend post and loving a bit of quick and easy laughter I though I would do the same thing, but please go and look at her's here, it is brilliant. So lets get into it

1. Watching this video for Virgin Atlantic makes me want to give up University and become a member of cabin crew. 
2. Even though I am a student and should be living it up going out partying my housemates and I have spent evenings in drinking cups of tea while discussing life on numerous occasions. There was also the time that we went and played bingo one Friday!

3. Writing my dissertation has made me do some much work in the past 60 hours that I could collapse into bed for three days. 
60 hours - 16 hours (sleep) - 34 hours (work) - 3 hours (travelling to library) = 7 hours freetime. INTENSE

4. My ability to stick to a training plan is pretty much non existent  that and I have the will power of a moth eg NONE!  

5. After living with boys for 3 years farting is totally a part of my life, however I only fart when I am totally relaxed, or just lying down! So in my opinion is that if I fart in your presence the chances are that I am really relaxed and you should take it as a compliment! 

6. I have never performed a plan that involves cross training and despite everyone saying so there is no motivation inside me to do any sort of cross training at all, anyone got any easy suggestions to get me started?

7. Up till the age of 15 I would always step on whole paving stones instead of on the cracks, I mean we all know "don't step on the cracks or the bear will get you" 

8. I have never been brought up as a religious person, however one of my friends has recently been watching a service every Sunday and after joining her one week I am starting to feel that it may been a good idea.

9. I love love love love love Yankee Christmas Candles and burn them everyday! Mine never look this good however on my bedside table!
10. It is currently 1.20am and I need to write 475 more words before tomorrow afternoon. blergh.

So there we have it 10 delightful facts about ME! If you give this tag a go please link it below, I would love to read your answers! 
If anyone follows me on twitter it is highly likely that you will have already seen this, but I have two friend who are planning on cycling from London to Africa, namely Morocco. The boys are undertaking this at the end of their University degree, sometime around April / May 2013 whilst are raising money for Alzhiemers Scotland and have asked no one to give them money to complete the task, which I think is admirable.  If you want go and have a look at their story there site is here. I am a bit biased towards them as I know both the boys however I am of the opinion that it is an admirable and worthy cause!

On a different note what does everyone thing about a new series that I am planning on writing. As someone who enjoys outdoor pursuits, in the sense of climbing mountains and going camping, I was planning on a review of gear that I love and use!
What types of gear would you like to see me review? Clothing? Tents? Shoes? 
I think I have discovered the key to keeping my motivations levels above 0...sign up to races and give myself GOALS. I know this is nothing groundbreaking or new but lets have a look at this.
Completely and beautifully home-made but I think it demonstrates the point that I am trying to make. With a race or something to work towards there Abbie has more motivation!

Seeing as motivation is a wonderful thing I have signed up to two races in the next few months.

Firstly we have the Liverpool Half Marathon which occurs on the 17th March 2013. It's still a  long way off but it is the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of training and my uni year. By the time I get round to running this I will have handed in my dissertation, eek!

In the middle of all this madness, on 2nd December 2012, there is the Santa Dash through the centre of Liverpool. It is a 5KM distance which is something that I am aiming to be able to complete by the end of November. Possibly the best part about this is the Santa Costume that is supplied so that everyone can get into the festive spirit. 

What races have you signed up to recently?

Now I'm not sure about the rest of the world but I know over here in the UK it is rarely sunglasses weather at the moment, it is winter after all! However, all the blogs that I have been reading lately seem to be hosting sunglasses giveaways.
And for purely selfish reason I would rather like a new pair of specs to see me through the summer months so when I saw this giveaway I jumped on the bandwagon. The Sunglasses Shop are offering everyone who has a blog the chance to win a pair of glasses and all you have to do is write a post about them. Full details can be found here.
In a dream world (possibly when I live somewhere warm all year round!) I would love a pair of these Oakley Frogskins.
So if you could have any sunglasses which ones would it be? And remember if you have a blog enter this giveaway!

Over and out.
So recently I have lost hours of my life watching some pretty funny youtube videos and i thought i would share them with you...anyone else got good ones to add? Put them in the comments!!
Star Wars Call Me Maybe - so funnny just becuase it is!
"Good Time" - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepson covered by Luke and Ingrid - these two are just so cute and this video featuring all their friends on Catalina Island is a really feel good tune!
Oh My Dayum - everything the Gregory Brothers do makes me chuckle! This is a particularly funny version that revolves round a burger (and I don't even eat them!)
Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) - I can now sing this whole song in time with the video and any time i'm not feeling 100% this will cheer me right back up. Try it!
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful covered by The Piano Guys - my cousin sent me this link and its a bit like Walk off The Earth's cover to Somebody I Used To Know - Gotye
and finally.....Breakfast at Tootsie's which was filmed by my uncle, it just makes me laugh so so much please go have a look!
So I hate making excuses, and I know I hate reading the truth is I have done so little worthy of publishing! For the past week I have been running and my new goal is to take my camera with me on every run and take a photo, as evidence to show you and motivation to get out and take some photos of Liverpool on foot. 
I hope you are well and feeling more motivated than me!! For now thought I have a few snaps from the last month for you to enjoy....
My first time filling up a car!
Top of Coire Lair 926m
Summit of Sgorr Ruadh
So I have started the new change

I went running today and it felt so good, even if it was so cold my legs ended up this freakish alien pink colour!!
What are you doing to change?
So I've got a plan. After watching ShayLoss for the last few months I have decided to get back on the fitness wagon. This to me means doing little by little and building up. So here on this blog I'm going to document what exercise I'm doing each day. I'm going to be weighing myself every week and documenting it. I don't know if I'm mentally ready to post my weight and measurements at this point but I will write it all down and depending how it goes I will update it eventually.

I hope you s
I'm not sure if you've noticed but I have experienced a serious case of blogger's block!
I have just had no inspiration to write, I think this has something to do with a total lack of motivation to take photos of the same bowl of porridge every morning and the same plate of stir-fry in the evening. Hopefully I will get my groove back soon!

I may not have much motivation but that doesn't stop me taking rubbish self portraits before I head out running!
On a more positive note my sister and  I have been following one of the numerous Couch to 5K programmes since the beginning of the year. Since I live about 200 miles away from her it is more of a virtual effort between the two of us, with the occasional text to update each other on our progress. To make this more fun, and us more accountable I am setting up a separate blog for the both of us to write about our runs etc. I will share it with you when I finally get that to a state i am happy with. 

How do you keep your blog fresh?