I recently saw on Shut Up and Run here 10 things you need to know to be her friend post and loving a bit of quick and easy laughter I though I would do the same thing, but please go and look at her's here, it is brilliant. So lets get into it

1. Watching this video for Virgin Atlantic makes me want to give up University and become a member of cabin crew. 
2. Even though I am a student and should be living it up going out partying my housemates and I have spent evenings in drinking cups of tea while discussing life on numerous occasions. There was also the time that we went and played bingo one Friday!

3. Writing my dissertation has made me do some much work in the past 60 hours that I could collapse into bed for three days. 
60 hours - 16 hours (sleep) - 34 hours (work) - 3 hours (travelling to library) = 7 hours freetime. INTENSE

4. My ability to stick to a training plan is pretty much non existent  that and I have the will power of a moth eg NONE!  

5. After living with boys for 3 years farting is totally a part of my life, however I only fart when I am totally relaxed, or just lying down! So in my opinion is that if I fart in your presence the chances are that I am really relaxed and you should take it as a compliment! 

6. I have never performed a plan that involves cross training and despite everyone saying so there is no motivation inside me to do any sort of cross training at all, anyone got any easy suggestions to get me started?

7. Up till the age of 15 I would always step on whole paving stones instead of on the cracks, I mean we all know "don't step on the cracks or the bear will get you" 

8. I have never been brought up as a religious person, however one of my friends has recently been watching a service every Sunday and after joining her one week I am starting to feel that it may been a good idea.

9. I love love love love love Yankee Christmas Candles and burn them everyday! Mine never look this good however on my bedside table!
10. It is currently 1.20am and I need to write 475 more words before tomorrow afternoon. blergh.

So there we have it 10 delightful facts about ME! If you give this tag a go please link it below, I would love to read your answers! 

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