I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Wales climbing, first on a crag on the side of the road, then a bit more of an adventure with some sea cliff climbing in Anglesea.
After climbing we then spent Thursday and Friday kayaking, first on the sea around the cliff that we had just been climbing on, and then down a section of white water near Llangollen. 
While kayaking on Thursday we had the most amazing encounter with 2 bull seals which were playing in the surf around 20 ft away! It was one of those moments where you just feel so privileged.
The only photo I have is from lunchtime where we are all looking a little bit wind swept! I'm the one wearing that highly cool bright orange spray deck!! 
Seeing as I'm going to be leaving you for a few days I thought I would put up the only picture I own of me kayaking, and yes that is me holding a "paddle" made out of balloons. 

Breakfast was a complete mish-mash this morning, the last of a box of fruit and fibre, some pecan and maple syrup crisp cereal and some baked apple crunchy cereal. It wasn't the best combo of flavours but it worked and got me through the morning which was the main thing. At uni we had a lecture this morning on inclusion which was interesting, it covered making sure everyone had equal opportunities within Outdoor Education and ways in which to get involved with it. Over the summer break I had the chance to work with some people with disabilities  It gave me something to think about and was a nice way to start the week. 

Tommorow im off on a four day trip kayaking and climbing which should be awesome, I'm heading off with Uni so wont be able to update regularly, but hopefually when I get back i'll be able to show you guys loads of photos :)

Have a nice mo
My day of doing not much turned into Sunday instead, I had an amazing lie in and didn't do any exercise or work, that's allowed right?! 

In the afternoon, about 6pm here, I watched the Buccanners take on the Bears at Wembley Stadium, just wish I could have been there, it looked amazing :) You guys are so lucky to have these football matches on your doorstep every week! While watching the game I had a tea of fish cakes carrots, brocilli and mashed potato. I need to stop eating all these potatoes, it can't be good for me :s

Time to go to work, hope you had an awesome weekend 
Yesterday turned into a quite an active day, I went on an early morning run covering about 3km which was just enough to shake out my legs. It wasn't particularly easy but I decided to challenge myself, I only ran uphill for the first half and then ran downhill back home. 
It was nice to get out the house and feel like I had done some real exercising. When I got back my friend sent me a message asking if I wanted to go climbing, and of course I said YES!!
We were climbing at Awesome Walls in Liverpool and I lead up the 12m wall, pretty intense for someone who doesn't like heights. I loved doing something that didn't feel like exercise but my legs are sore this morning, in a good way :)
Hope you had a go
Last night I had an amzing double baked potato taken from Hugh Fearnley Whillinstall's new book. My sister sent it to me last week and I only just got round to actually cooking something from it but i'm hoping to cook some more tonight. It doesn't look like much, but it tasted amazing!

This mornings plans include some sort of either bike or run or both and then some studying this afternoon. I'll probably end up in the library, but it's always quite on the weekend which is nice.




Welcome to my first blog and my first post! 

It's pretty scary putting myself out here and I don't want to bore anyone with my incessant rambling but I will try to post all about my eating and exercising while passing  my University degree. 
I'm currently studying Outdoor Education which often means going away on trips and coming back a few days later towing behind me excessive amounts of dirty kit  much to my house mates dismay!
There will also be excessive amounts of raving about the comfort of my beanbag and how much I love my new waterproof coat (photo coming soon)!

I'm going to go now but to give you taster of what your in for I'm going to post some photos from recent trips away