So first off I apologise for not being so committed to the blog. I have so much other stuff going on that I always end up blogging stuff about a week after it happens and that is pretty poor if you ask me (not that you are!). I hope everyone had an awesome weekend? I didn't really do much, did watch the Liverpool v Chelsea match at the local pub which was pretty intense. One of my friends had a bet on it and won £24. 
I have to admit watching football/soccer doesn't really interest me all that much, however I love going along to see all my friends. 
Oh I also went for a run last night and was listening to a podcast instead of music. To me it felt pretty amazing and I dunno, it seems like music sometimes throws me off my groove. So tonight I'm going out again and going to try running to the podcast. Let's see how it goes!
Does anyone else ski? Is it normal to spend half of your time on your bum?!
Do you run with music, listen to a book or listen to a podcast, or nothing at all?
Yesterday was a day of doing not much, apart from the whole AMAZING RUN that I talked about in the last post. However in the evening we took a quick trip to on of my favourite places...the airport. I know it sounds sad but I love airports and have a secret wish to be an air hostess. I know ridiculous coming from someone who studies Outdoor Education and spends most day looking like she has just fallen from an air plane instead of being glamorous. However the point of that ramble was that we were picking up my friends girlfriend from the airport, and in true style we made a banner. 
That and last night I had the most vivid dream that I jumped into a half marathon and ran it but when I got to the end I didn't have a bib so wasn't allowed a medal. I guess it makes sense but it's very strange and probably a sign I should go and get running!
So I thought I would treat you to a photo of the bike back on two wheels!! I know that just made your day soo much better. 
Now I'm just wondering have any of your starting decorating for christmas, well we all know Skinny Runner has!! Since I live in a rented house while I'm at uni we only get 2 weeks of December together but that doesn't seem quite like long enough for me, maybe I'm addicted to Christmas?  I think decorating will start next weekend, but in the mean time I've started to make the paper chains out of old magazines. A little bit of recycling right there as well
(Here's last years paper chain effort in the kitchen)

Finally I went on an amazing run last night, it was my second one in as many days and on both runs I managed to get negative splits.

Run 1 - 2.87 km
first half - 10.04 mins
second half - 9.21 mins
pace - 6.45 min/km

Run 2 - 2.98 km
first half - 10.08 mins
second half - 9.05 mins
pace - 6.26  min/km 

After logging it on MapMyRun I calculated my pace. Does anyone else use MapMyRun?

What would you rate your last workout on a scale of 1-10? I would rate mine both as 8's, they felt pretty awesome to me.

When do you start decorating for Christmas, how about when you were at University? Did you start decorating earlier then? 
Jack is my bike, and he is fixed :) It is standing on two wheels again for the first time in a few days! 

Yesterday was my first class in a new module and I was really nervous. I only knew about 6 people out of about 80 but everyone was really welcoming. 
We have started learning about the National Curriculum in PE and then went on to have a practical session in Gymnastics. I'm not sure about you but the last time I did any sort of gymnastics was when I was bout 11. Turns out I have lost all flexibility and today my muscles are SORE!! Not very good for getting a workout done :( 

Today was a relaxing day, just one class. But I'm headed off the library now to get some work done, so I'll leave you with this to think about. 
It's pretty, cool the first four words you see describe you mine were

outgoing, outspoken, peaceful and thoughtful

What words describe you?




I think it is official. I am probably the worst blogger ever. I mean, I always forget my camera, I never manage to take good photos when I have it and always forget to actually write down what I've been up to. So here is a whirl wind tour of my weekend just gone!! I hope you had an exciting weekend as well. 

It started with a bike puncture which was a bit annoying but made me a little excited as I had never had one before. However I soon realised that I am really bad at fixing them. Using a biro, a couple of pencil and a knife later I managed to prise the tyre off!
We then patched it up, with some much needed help from a couple of awesome guys on my uni course. 
After letting that dry I realised that I had no idea of how to get the tyre back on so decided to give up and wait for them to come help me again.
In the evening I made this lasange which was delicious. It was really simple as well
- chop up the veg and cook gently in a pan with a tin of chopped tomatoes
- make a cheese sauce in a seperate pan
- once the veg is ready layer veg, lasagne sheets and cheese sauce in an oven proof dish
- finish cooking in the oven for another 20 or so minutes 
Sunday was a little more successful. I went into town with the same two guys who fixed the puncture to see the Remembrance Parade. There were a couple of hundred people out in the centre of Liverpool paying their respects which was touching to see. 
They might not be the best pictures but I think you can see how many people were out on a cold Sunday morning. 
While we were in town I picked up my new waterproof jacket. I have been saving up for this for a couple of months and am really excited to finally have it!! It's the Mountain Equipment Women's Diamir Jacket in True Red. It is honestly the best jacket of this type I have ever had.
i spent Sunday afternoon in the library doing some work for an assignment due in a couple of weeks but ended up loosing about 3 hours worth of work. as you can imagine I was pretty annoyed and this photo best sums up how I was feeling at the time. 
I hope you all had good weekends, any one get up to anything fun? 
I made another soup tonight and it was mega! Not too salty and the perfect vegetable flavour.

All it took were a couple of carrots, a couple of potatoes, half a head of celery and half an onion. They were chucked into a saucepan with a little oil and simmered for about 20 minutes, after that I added in about half a litre of vegtable stock. That all boiled away for maybe another 10 mins, before I checked it. It's possible to tell when the veg is ready because it will crush under the pressure of a fork.

Then comes the fun part - blending!! I have a hand held wand blender and it makes everything so easy and tidy, hardly any splashes to date! 

This morning I had a class all about teacher training courses to go onto after I have finished this degree. It sounds like an amazing opportunity, and one I really want to take, but it's going to be so hard to actually do! Our lecturer was explaining all the requirements that we to fulfil, I have most of them but the important thing now is getting in lots of classroom based experience. I think I know what I'm going to be doing with my time off this summer !!

On a more fitness based note I have started the one hundred push upstwo hundred sit ups and two hundred squats challenges. This may seem like alot but I will only have to do one or maybe two exercises a day and i think it will be feesible. 
I love these challenges, they motivate me and give me a mini goal for every day of the week!

Here are some lovely photos of me demonstrating my poor form and lets hope I look and feel a bit better than this in 6 weeks!!

I hope you have all had a good day :) 
I feel really bad, I’ve been a bit AWOL recently! Life has just got the better of me, oops!

I went home for a weekend free of distraction to do some work, however I ended up at a family party on Sunday, decorating a Baby-Gro on Monday, catching up with one of my high school teacher on Tuesday and travelling back up to Liverpool on Wednesday!

The baby-gro I was decorating was for a different high school teacher who is due on 24th, she was the woman who inspired me to get into the outdoors through the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme so I sewed on the DofE logo in green felt onto a white outfit. It looked pretty sweet and I have a photo to show you, it was taken on my phone thought so its not amazing...

Not wanting to bore anyone thought I would add a shot of me travelling home, looking slightly mad!!

On this train ride alone I’ve managed to waste so much time by

·         Setting up my computer for face recognition

·         Created a budget spread-sheet (even when my finances are the most organised they have ever been!)

·         Watched The Blind Side and finished Friday Night Lights – been on a bit of a football themed film streak, my next one is the Disney classic Game Plan

I have managed to get a bit of work done as I have a couple of assignments due in the next few weeks. I’m also really looking forward to my boyfriend coming up to Liverpool for the first time ever in a couple of weeks!

Oh and even thought this was last week’s eats I was really proud of the celery, potato and onion soup I made so here is a dodgy picture for you

I hope you guys are ok, have you ever done any sewing projects like this? link it up in the comments below 

I'm still here I promise, I've just been suffering from a cough/cold for a couple of days which has had me out of action. :( But this evening i'm putting on a brave face, and some make-up, to go and see this guy perform. 
He's playing at the Jazz Cafe in Camden which is an awesome venue, small and not too crazy and then i'm coming back to Liverpool tomorrow lunchtime. It's a pretty crazy travel schedule but should be worth it.

Hope to see you tomorrow!