I'm not sure if you've noticed but I have experienced a serious case of blogger's block!
I have just had no inspiration to write, I think this has something to do with a total lack of motivation to take photos of the same bowl of porridge every morning and the same plate of stir-fry in the evening. Hopefully I will get my groove back soon!

I may not have much motivation but that doesn't stop me taking rubbish self portraits before I head out running!
On a more positive note my sister and  I have been following one of the numerous Couch to 5K programmes since the beginning of the year. Since I live about 200 miles away from her it is more of a virtual effort between the two of us, with the occasional text to update each other on our progress. To make this more fun, and us more accountable I am setting up a separate blog for the both of us to write about our runs etc. I will share it with you when I finally get that to a state i am happy with. 

How do you keep your blog fresh?

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