Breakfast was a complete mish-mash this morning, the last of a box of fruit and fibre, some pecan and maple syrup crisp cereal and some baked apple crunchy cereal. It wasn't the best combo of flavours but it worked and got me through the morning which was the main thing. At uni we had a lecture this morning on inclusion which was interesting, it covered making sure everyone had equal opportunities within Outdoor Education and ways in which to get involved with it. Over the summer break I had the chance to work with some people with disabilities  It gave me something to think about and was a nice way to start the week. 

Tommorow im off on a four day trip kayaking and climbing which should be awesome, I'm heading off with Uni so wont be able to update regularly, but hopefually when I get back i'll be able to show you guys loads of photos :)

Have a nice mo