Jack is my bike, and he is fixed :) It is standing on two wheels again for the first time in a few days! 

Yesterday was my first class in a new module and I was really nervous. I only knew about 6 people out of about 80 but everyone was really welcoming. 
We have started learning about the National Curriculum in PE and then went on to have a practical session in Gymnastics. I'm not sure about you but the last time I did any sort of gymnastics was when I was bout 11. Turns out I have lost all flexibility and today my muscles are SORE!! Not very good for getting a workout done :( 

Today was a relaxing day, just one class. But I'm headed off the library now to get some work done, so I'll leave you with this to think about. 
It's pretty, cool the first four words you see describe you mine were

outgoing, outspoken, peaceful and thoughtful

What words describe you?

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