I think it is official. I am probably the worst blogger ever. I mean, I always forget my camera, I never manage to take good photos when I have it and always forget to actually write down what I've been up to. So here is a whirl wind tour of my weekend just gone!! I hope you had an exciting weekend as well. 

It started with a bike puncture which was a bit annoying but made me a little excited as I had never had one before. However I soon realised that I am really bad at fixing them. Using a biro, a couple of pencil and a knife later I managed to prise the tyre off!
We then patched it up, with some much needed help from a couple of awesome guys on my uni course. 
After letting that dry I realised that I had no idea of how to get the tyre back on so decided to give up and wait for them to come help me again.
In the evening I made this lasange which was delicious. It was really simple as well
- chop up the veg and cook gently in a pan with a tin of chopped tomatoes
- make a cheese sauce in a seperate pan
- once the veg is ready layer veg, lasagne sheets and cheese sauce in an oven proof dish
- finish cooking in the oven for another 20 or so minutes 
Sunday was a little more successful. I went into town with the same two guys who fixed the puncture to see the Remembrance Parade. There were a couple of hundred people out in the centre of Liverpool paying their respects which was touching to see. 
They might not be the best pictures but I think you can see how many people were out on a cold Sunday morning. 
While we were in town I picked up my new waterproof jacket. I have been saving up for this for a couple of months and am really excited to finally have it!! It's the Mountain Equipment Women's Diamir Jacket in True Red. It is honestly the best jacket of this type I have ever had.
i spent Sunday afternoon in the library doing some work for an assignment due in a couple of weeks but ended up loosing about 3 hours worth of work. as you can imagine I was pretty annoyed and this photo best sums up how I was feeling at the time. 
I hope you all had good weekends, any one get up to anything fun? 

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