So first off I apologise for not being so committed to the blog. I have so much other stuff going on that I always end up blogging stuff about a week after it happens and that is pretty poor if you ask me (not that you are!). I hope everyone had an awesome weekend? I didn't really do much, did watch the Liverpool v Chelsea match at the local pub which was pretty intense. One of my friends had a bet on it and won £24. 
I have to admit watching football/soccer doesn't really interest me all that much, however I love going along to see all my friends. 
Oh I also went for a run last night and was listening to a podcast instead of music. To me it felt pretty amazing and I dunno, it seems like music sometimes throws me off my groove. So tonight I'm going out again and going to try running to the podcast. Let's see how it goes!
Does anyone else ski? Is it normal to spend half of your time on your bum?!
Do you run with music, listen to a book or listen to a podcast, or nothing at all?

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