If anyone follows me on twitter it is highly likely that you will have already seen this, but I have two friend who are planning on cycling from London to Africa, namely Morocco. The boys are undertaking this at the end of their University degree, sometime around April / May 2013 whilst are raising money for Alzhiemers Scotland and have asked no one to give them money to complete the task, which I think is admirable.  If you want go and have a look at their story there site is here. I am a bit biased towards them as I know both the boys however I am of the opinion that it is an admirable and worthy cause!

On a different note what does everyone thing about a new series that I am planning on writing. As someone who enjoys outdoor pursuits, in the sense of climbing mountains and going camping, I was planning on a review of gear that I love and use!
What types of gear would you like to see me review? Clothing? Tents? Shoes? 

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