Some of you may know and some of you may not know but I am currently undertaking a degree in Outdoor Education at LJMU. The head of our course has set up a new lecture series in Liverpool which cover a wide variety of topics within outdoor education. I went to the inaugural one of these on Friday night and thought I would let you know what I thought. 
Here is a fabulous pre-lecture shot of the theatre we were in, which was very impressive! Heck I'm pretty impressed with the  photo given it came from my phone which is rather aged, but it serves me well. 
The lecture was by Kate Rwales who lectures at the University of Cumbria and was based on her journey from El Paso to Anchorage. It's a pretty epic journey and was highly inspiring. The aim of her journey was to look at climate change and how the people of America see this. It was an amazing story and I would highly recommend that you go and have a look at her work. 

So to everyone who lives or works in or near Liverpool come along! If you want to come to the next lecture you can sign up here, its free and there is a prize draw at the end of the night for some kit from Cotswold Outdoor!

Have you ever gone on an adventure journey?
I have trekked to Everest Base Camp in 2010 which was pretty impressive for me! 

Have you ever seen any lectures like this and what were they about?

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