So I thought I would treat you to a photo of the bike back on two wheels!! I know that just made your day soo much better. 
Now I'm just wondering have any of your starting decorating for christmas, well we all know Skinny Runner has!! Since I live in a rented house while I'm at uni we only get 2 weeks of December together but that doesn't seem quite like long enough for me, maybe I'm addicted to Christmas?  I think decorating will start next weekend, but in the mean time I've started to make the paper chains out of old magazines. A little bit of recycling right there as well
(Here's last years paper chain effort in the kitchen)

Finally I went on an amazing run last night, it was my second one in as many days and on both runs I managed to get negative splits.

Run 1 - 2.87 km
first half - 10.04 mins
second half - 9.21 mins
pace - 6.45 min/km

Run 2 - 2.98 km
first half - 10.08 mins
second half - 9.05 mins
pace - 6.26  min/km 

After logging it on MapMyRun I calculated my pace. Does anyone else use MapMyRun?

What would you rate your last workout on a scale of 1-10? I would rate mine both as 8's, they felt pretty awesome to me.

When do you start decorating for Christmas, how about when you were at University? Did you start decorating earlier then? 

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