I've had a couple of big deadlines for class recently and don't want to bore you with them so here are some of the things I've been doing in an attempt not to die of boredom...
1. How to waste time when writing an essay? Pretend to be in a rap band from the 90's.
2. Not sure how to transport your bird around at Christmas? Duct tape his cage shut and hope no one asks too many questions...
3. Don't want to starting doing work at all? Go out to the countryside and pretend your bag is Simba from the Lion King (also known as 3 days hiking with your life on your back for fun!).
4. Want to feel a bit more Christmas spirit and cheer? Cut up your housemates gossip magazines and paperchain your room in the evenings. (And yes I hang my towel over my bike to dry it!!)

I think though it might be time to write the work I've been putting off!!

Any one else have some work avoiding techniques? Or even better ways to motivate yourself to work?

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