This might just be rambling to myself, but does anyone love to have a candle burning? I have one that sits on my windowsill and brings just a little bit of extra light into my life in the evenings.
I think however that I am going to need to find it something new to sit in as it is currently in the base of a fondue set!!
I hope no one else has been sitting in bed all day feeling ill like I have :( but I think that the worst of it is behind me now so lets hope a nice sleep is 
I was reading Monica's blog this morning and came across the naughty or nice gadget she linked to. I stuck in my name and it came up with this
so are you naughty or nice??

I spent the weekend doing revision for my exams this week, not so fun but had a couple of good meals

a vegetarian chilli that used carrots instead of kidney beans!!
a risotto that has a parmesan and lemon sauce

both were really tasty and just what i needed to keep warm this weekend

hope you weekend was just as tasty :)
These past few days have been spent furiously working in the library trying my best to revise for an exam. Luckily I have my friend from America to dsitract me on Skype resulting in us doing this...
So apparently I have hair like a Stegosaurus and my friend has a tiny nose!! Hope your day has been a little bit more productive than mine :) Hope you have an amazing weekend
I just got this awesome email from my step-dad and it has got me really really excited for christmas...
I don't know about you but decorating the Christmas tree with all my family sounds so awesome!! How do you decorate for Christmas?
I have my last written assignment of the year to hand in tomorrow and as per usual I have left it to the last minute. However no one wants to hear me complain about it so here is my real question, 

Does anyone else have and lucky item for writing assignments?

Today I have written my whole assignment wearing sunglasses. Inside. When the sun set at about 4pm. Weird I know :s 
Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!
I've been constructing my Christmas playlist for this year and was thinking it would be fun to find out 
What is your favourite Christmas song?
I think mine has to be Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You. So goooooooddd!!

In an unrelated note I was just sitting doing some work this evening when a pretty heavy hail storm started outside my window, this was the only good photo I captured of my housemate. 
I've had a couple of big deadlines for class recently and don't want to bore you with them so here are some of the things I've been doing in an attempt not to die of boredom...
1. How to waste time when writing an essay? Pretend to be in a rap band from the 90's.
2. Not sure how to transport your bird around at Christmas? Duct tape his cage shut and hope no one asks too many questions...
3. Don't want to starting doing work at all? Go out to the countryside and pretend your bag is Simba from the Lion King (also known as 3 days hiking with your life on your back for fun!).
4. Want to feel a bit more Christmas spirit and cheer? Cut up your housemates gossip magazines and paperchain your room in the evenings. (And yes I hang my towel over my bike to dry it!!)

I think though it might be time to write the work I've been putting off!!

Any one else have some work avoiding techniques? Or even better ways to motivate yourself to work?
So first off I apologise for not being so committed to the blog. I have so much other stuff going on that I always end up blogging stuff about a week after it happens and that is pretty poor if you ask me (not that you are!). I hope everyone had an awesome weekend? I didn't really do much, did watch the Liverpool v Chelsea match at the local pub which was pretty intense. One of my friends had a bet on it and won £24. 
I have to admit watching football/soccer doesn't really interest me all that much, however I love going along to see all my friends. 
Oh I also went for a run last night and was listening to a podcast instead of music. To me it felt pretty amazing and I dunno, it seems like music sometimes throws me off my groove. So tonight I'm going out again and going to try running to the podcast. Let's see how it goes!
Does anyone else ski? Is it normal to spend half of your time on your bum?!
Do you run with music, listen to a book or listen to a podcast, or nothing at all?
Yesterday was a day of doing not much, apart from the whole AMAZING RUN that I talked about in the last post. However in the evening we took a quick trip to on of my favourite places...the airport. I know it sounds sad but I love airports and have a secret wish to be an air hostess. I know ridiculous coming from someone who studies Outdoor Education and spends most day looking like she has just fallen from an air plane instead of being glamorous. However the point of that ramble was that we were picking up my friends girlfriend from the airport, and in true style we made a banner. 
That and last night I had the most vivid dream that I jumped into a half marathon and ran it but when I got to the end I didn't have a bib so wasn't allowed a medal. I guess it makes sense but it's very strange and probably a sign I should go and get running!
So I thought I would treat you to a photo of the bike back on two wheels!! I know that just made your day soo much better. 
Now I'm just wondering have any of your starting decorating for christmas, well we all know Skinny Runner has!! Since I live in a rented house while I'm at uni we only get 2 weeks of December together but that doesn't seem quite like long enough for me, maybe I'm addicted to Christmas?  I think decorating will start next weekend, but in the mean time I've started to make the paper chains out of old magazines. A little bit of recycling right there as well
(Here's last years paper chain effort in the kitchen)

Finally I went on an amazing run last night, it was my second one in as many days and on both runs I managed to get negative splits.

Run 1 - 2.87 km
first half - 10.04 mins
second half - 9.21 mins
pace - 6.45 min/km

Run 2 - 2.98 km
first half - 10.08 mins
second half - 9.05 mins
pace - 6.26  min/km 

After logging it on MapMyRun I calculated my pace. Does anyone else use MapMyRun?

What would you rate your last workout on a scale of 1-10? I would rate mine both as 8's, they felt pretty awesome to me.

When do you start decorating for Christmas, how about when you were at University? Did you start decorating earlier then?